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Climate anxiety and why it’s not all bad, explained to children

Several German newspapers published an interview with Julie King on September 16th. Julie explains to children all about climate anxiety, why it occurs, what to do about it, and how it can actually be helpful for inspiring action. Climate anxiety, or “Klimaangst” in German, describes of chronic uncertainty, worry, stress, and apprehensive expectation caused the […]

Sixteen Ways to Adapt: A Comparison of State-Level Climate Change Adaptation Strategies in the Federal States of Germany

Climate change adaptation (CCA) strategies aim to reduce or prevent negative climate change impacts and, in some cases, maximise potential benefits. This analysis provides the first systematic assessment of all state adaptation strategies in Germany based on 2 main research questions: how comprehensive are German state CCA strategies, and to what extent do policy approaches and […]

The Littlest Duckling of the Team: Julie’s PhD journey so far

After earning a master’s degree in Sustainability Economics and Management from the University of Oldenburg with a focus on environmental planning, I spent a few years working for a regional development organization in the Northwest of Germany. One of my tasks there was assisting in a project focused on municipal adaptation to climate change from […]